Perennial Media was founded in 2004 as a collaborative effort between co-founders Luke Lee and I to enter a short film contest. Their film “Et Tu” would win the Louisiana Film Festival Student Division that year. It was a small victory, but in it’s what got us started thinking bigger about how to move forward. In the years following, Chris and Luke worked on a number of short films and features under the company name, working with other production companies and collaborators – a few went on to win festivals and even enter distribution.

But we always knew that sharing stories was more than just narrative film. Documentaries have always been a large part of the way people share real experiences, social media continues to evolve and become a more powerful tool, and live events have always been the best way to get visceral and build relationships. Finding the best medium through which to tell stories and share experiences has been our driving force, and after almost a decade of building our knowledge and constructing relationships necessary to be effective in these forms, this way of thinking has brought us a long way.

The past few years have been our biggest and best ever. We helped complete two feature films, parts of our team have been heavily involved with the execution of the Louisiana Film Prize’s first and second years, we’ve helped others complete several short narrative films, produced 13 short documentary films, two music videos, and numerous marketing efforts. Each of these moments has shown us that we’re on the right path, and now we’re ready to grow. That’s why we’ve brought on new team members who have been an integral part of our projects in the last year to help us continue to reach out, to have an effect on our community, and to tell great stories.

We know that the best way to share with people is to be true to the story, to intelligently engage audiences, and to do it in the right medium. As we move forward, we will continue collaborate with others to make things people enjoy engaging with.

Chris Lyon
Owner and Co-Founder