RED ROCKET Rentals and Conversion Services

We are now proud to offer rentals of our RED ROCKET Card which offers solutions solution for realtime 4K RGB playback and realtime R3D transcoding. Decode and debayer 4K R3D files in realtime, decode 5K files, hyper-accelerate transcoding to any system codec.

Details are available on our rental page under “Additional Items.”

Pro Sound Effects “Master Library” Video Released Online!

We’ve partnered with one of our favorite clients yet again! Pro Sound Effects needed a video to show off their all-new, 130,000+ sound effects Master Library! It’s the be-all-end-all of effects libraries. We created a product video for them which shows both visually and auditoraly how amazing this product is. We got to see this video playing at NAB Show 2014 and it was a lot of fun seeing it against a backdrop of world-class companies like PSE.

A Proud Sponsor of the Louisiana Film Prize 2014

Founder Chris Lyon has been working with the Louisiana Film Prize since the beginning, helping founder Gregory Kallenberg work on everything from design to logistics for the planet’s coolest short film contest and festival. Last year we came in at the 11th hour to sponsor the Louisiana Film Prize and we had the greatest time. This year, we’re getting in early on two ‘Prize’ events – the Louisiana Film Prize and the newly announced Louisiana StartUp Prize. As soon as Music Prize comes along this year, we hope to jump on that too.

If you want to support film, music, budding entrepreneurs (or all three), give the Prize folks a call at 318.213.6437 or email

First Images from Sevendipity’s New Location Shoot

What a day! Take a peek at the new location at 3030 Creswell at Kings Highway. A great spot for a great restaurant run by honest people. Fill your bellies!

Capturing the Opening of the Sevendipity 3030 Creswell Location

Sevendipity is one of our top five favorite things in the entirety of Shreveport-Bossier. They were the subject of the first Discovering Downtown episode “Sevendipity: Downtown’s Delicious Little Secret.”

Today, after years of growth and months of struggle working out equipment and inspections, they are opening their second location at 3030 Creswell at Kings Highway. We are happy to help them celebrate by documenting their opening day! Look for this video in the near future.

Best of luck Scott, Lizz, and the 7dip staff! Continue Reading

Unveiling the New Pro Sound Effects Master Library

We are currently in production on a new video for our friends at Pro Sound Effects in New York featuring their re-designed and updated Master Library. Like the Hybrid Library that came before it, it’s an indispensable piece of sonic awesomeness that includes a whopping 1.2TB of sound effects from all the major players with tagged metadata and all.

The video will premiere at NAB Show 2014 in Las Vegas, where we will also be attending, looking for the latest gear to continue to propel Perennial Media to be the best in the region

Visit Pro Sound Effects online at

Testing the Zeiss Distagon ZE Primes

We’ve had a chance to test out these lenses twice in the last week now and we must say – for the price – they are pretty great starter lenses. We will likely suggest these for budget-conscious rental clients. The bokeh is nice, the breathing is smaller than many photo lenses, and the construction is rock solid. A few downsides are there like non-uniform diameter, no built-in gears, and the exposure on these EF mount lenses is all electronic which gives a little less control than might otherwise be attainable. Still good pieces of glass though, again, for the price.